Why i love Kpop #2

Okay hold it now~ Infinite is gradually -kinda-  turning into my DBSK-craze! I listen to their songs not just because the songs are great but also their voices give me chills ;____; I don’t think it’s even possible. I mean; me- loving a group in terms of  their voices- even close to DBSK-perfection~ Even considering them in THE SAME FREAKIN category~ Not to mention all of them are charming ^^ Whatever they have a long way to go in that matter but-!

You guys ;____; this song~ It’s heartbreaking! Even when you dont understand the lyrics which i dont really need here. (If you’d ask me, random lyrics usually ruin the beautiful music and voice -.-) Their voices are so beautiful and touching that i dont care about the lyrics or the music playing at the background. (except for the violins, they give me goosebumps .__.) Seriously i think i may happily die while listening to Woohyun and Sungkyu’s voices ;____; May i? May i?

And the song give me a strange feeling. It’s like THE SONG from a movie’s soundtrack that is played at the final scene of it and you never forget the rest of your life. And make you feel the same every single time. And the movie must be a good one because you need to watch it over and over again, yet you never get bored of it.

I said I dont care about the lyrics, their voices give it all ;____;  How i wish they made a ballad or orchestral version of it ;____;

Boys, pretty please do it ;____; Till then i’ll keep replaying this: