I don’t get how people can hate any group in kpop.

You may not like a group, not that anybody forces you to, but explain this to me: why freakin hate?

Each and every group, every member gone through so much to be on the stage. They endure so many things that i honestly couldn’t stand, not even a minute. They had no dorms, no money, maybe no food. They were told they werent good enough, they were told they would never make it to debut etc.. Still, they didn’t give up. There are thousands of fans who love different groups. They laugh with them when their fav group laugh, or cry with them when they’re hurt, when they cry.

I honestly cry my eyes out when i hear this kind of stuff, even if they were in the past or they are in present. Like Kyu’s accident, SNSD’s black ocean, BEAST’s nearly black ocean, only 13, Yunho’s getting poisoned, JYJ vs SM, death threats all over the place ~

So dear antis, who the hell are you to make people sad, or who the hell are you to blame them for being on the stage, or even existing?

For instance, normally, i like f(x) but i’m not that into them. However, when i saw the fancam where Krystal passed out on the stage, i couldn’t help myself but cry. They just put so much on this. There’s no way i can hate anybody.

You may not like them or their music or their company – not that you have to or sth -but why you just can’t respect them or people loving them? If you like a group and say that they suffered/suffer too much, how could you bash another group that going through the same things?

I can’t put the word “hate” next to “kpop” and i don’t get it because kpop is all about love for me!