I hate, literally HATE girls’ bashing female-idols because of their bias’ interaction with them!

“Is it so hard to get that they are all actual human beings? Or is it so hard to respect other women? I hate women’s hating other women because of men. Of course you may not like them because of the stuff that only interests you. But do you have to bother people who actually love and respect them? And your oppa may like her because she is probably as beautiful as a goddess. Just deal with it! Expressing your opinion is sth and bashing people is another.

I am specifically referring to Yonghwa’s Strong Heart incident here. I get to know kpop like just for 5 months and even i know that everything in varities is scripted. So what’s the big deal? If everybody knows that? He said it whether it’s true or not, whether it’s forced or not. But you people’d love to act like ‘oh x&x is real!’ if it suits your own books right? If not, ‘let’s bash people!’

About the ‘They bother Yong with too much questions while it’s not the same with Seohyun’ thing. Hello people, Seohyun is a girl! a shy, intimate girl that made her first interaction with a guy on a variety show. And also girls tend to be hurt more easily you might be familiar with that? Let me remind you, people tend to tease boys more about these stuff than girls. And there’s not a show or interview that Seohyun was not asked about Yong. At least, not that i know..

Whatever it gets longer and longer. So long story short, shut your mouths up if you’ll only talk shit about people instead of objectively expressing your opinions. (oh and this is general)

Sorry i’m pissed because i don’t like negativity.” April, 2010

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