For all we know we might not get tomorrow!

But for today, you made my day Henry Lau! 😛

Feb 23 was a busy day for a kpop fan whose bias list includes Kwon Yuri, Henry Lau, Lee Joon and Shim Changmin at the same time. Know someone matching with these qualities? Well, if you dont, nice to meet you! 😀 First, i got to know Joon was about to be an F4 but got cut because he was bald at that time :DD – talk about funny 😀 – Then a fan account apperead and made us fall in love with Ms Kwon Yuri’s perfect use of Engrish – not to mention she’s a sweetheart – 😀 “Why are guys HAHAHA?!” Wont ever forget this sentence :DD Then i heard that Changmin would love to come to Turkey – the country that happens to be my homeland, yes – because he heard that Turkish women are very beautiful 😀 Guys, seriously 😛 First Jaejoong and then Changmin, Turkish cassies are truely blessed 😀

But Mr – cutie mochi – Henry Lau beat them all with this cover! Stating the obvious, this guy’s talent is no joke! If you havent checked it out yet, do it! You wont regret! 🙂 Or you may, because you wont be able to stop replaying it! 😀