First of all: Anahi rocks!

It has been a long time since I wrote anything about Anahi, because she was dealing with that telenovela thing and clearly I’m not a telenovela-aficionada :I Well, finally it ended and the world has become such a lovely place since then *haaa*

Now, our long awaited album is on the way and that makes me go creeeeeeeeyzeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Seriously, for the past three weeks anymaniacs (yeah el mas heavy!) have worked their butts off and promoted Anahi on twitter. Rock Mafia, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Pablo Alboran, Thalia~ They trended, they invaded and they got what they want! With the help of other fandoms of course. Anyways, we are a fandom with capabilities 😛

She will officially work with Rock Mafia, Flo Rida, Claudia Brant, Juan Gabriel, Christopher Von Uckerman. Hopefully, she’ll make a duet with Thalia and after that i can happily die 😀  I wish she would also work with Pablo Alboran but they said it’s not possible for the time being. 😦 Well, maybe next time? Aaaah not to mention, she may work Fernando Garibay, Lady Gaga’s producer!

Fusilada is the song Any and Christopher will sing, while Con Tu Amor  with Juan Gabriel. (not sure if the latter’s official tough)

Well, I guess I summarized it all. I hope this album will be the bomb!

And If all the meetings and deals work out, Any may not have a solo song in her album *hahaha*

Keep the hard work and comeback soon mujercita!

UPDATE! The song written by Claudia Brant will also be featuring Noel Schajris! Damn! I love that man’s music! 😛 And name of the song is said to start with the letter “A” Aaarrghhh what is it what is it!? Ok I will be patienly waiting!

*Olayı bizim zıpırlar için kısaca özetlersem de Rock Mafia, Flo Rida, Claudia Brant, Juan Gabriel, Christopher işi kesin. Pablo Alboran düeti yattı,  Thalia’yla görüşüyorlar. Pitbull konusunda hiç bir fikrim yok. Fernando Garibay’le çalışma ihtimali var sadece. Durum bu 😀